Toughest and Longset Horse Race in the World

 my journey has already begun


The Derby comes with an entry fee that helps to cover the cost of putting on this extreme race in a nomadic setting. The Adventurists bring in a team of world renowned vets to ensure horse welfare throughout the race, a team of medics to help patch up the riders, and works with hundreds of Mongolian families that graciously supply horses and shelter.

Riders have also used the race to raise money for non-profits all over the world, to date totaling more than $650,000. I feel strongly that giving back to such a generous culture and landscape is the best way to invest in the future of Mongolia, and will personally be raising money for The Nature Conservancy’s Mongolia chapter.

Please help support my adventure and The Nature Conservancy by donating to my fundraising campaign. If you are a business interested in sponsorship opportunities, I would love to have you join my team of generous supporters listed below. Questions related to fundraising and support can be directed to


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