1600 Horses are Needed to Run the Mongol Derby

A new article is out in Practical Horseman where Maryland native Jocelyn Pierce describes her 2018 Derby experience- https://practicalhorsemanmag.com/lifestyle/600-miles-on-horseback-conquering-the-mongol-derby

The article does a great job explaining some of the logistics of the race that includes the 1600 horses needed to run each edition of the race. The horses are hand picked with the help of the 200 Mongolians working along side the Adventurist team.

In my favorite quote from the article Jocelyn describes the amazing hospitality shown by the local people. "One of the things that struck me the most about this country was how, time and time again, the Mongolian people came to our rescue with a true willingness to help total strangers. In what other place in the world could you walk up to someone’s house, not speak the language, look totally different and know that, without a doubt, they would gladly take you in, feed you, feed your horses and let you sleep under the same roof? It’s truly magical."

Thank you for supporting my journey! Training updates to come soon. -Rachel

Rachel Roman