Calling All Vets!

Vets make the Mongol Derby possible and are on hand to support horse welfare throughout the race and more!

A fleet of international and Mongolian veterinarians are on staff with the Derby team to make sure all horses are coming in and going out safe and sound. Each horse must pass what we would call a "Pre Purchase Exam" in the regular horse world in order to run in the Mongol Derby. Each horse selected to ride is presented by the herders for a veterinary check over or “road worthy” certificate prior to their official selection and training for the race.

The heart and lungs are auscultated with a Stethoscope, the horse’s gait is checked for lameness, and the horse’s teeth are checked to ensure that horses are 4 years of age or older. If they meet these criteria they are then accepted as Derby steeds. Not only do they vet and ensure the welfare of every single horse that is used in the derby, but the derby brings world class veterinarians to the isolated Mongolian steeps that otherwise would go without veterinary aid and treatment. This means that numerous amounts of non-derby horses, livestock (goats, sheep, yacks, cattle) and dogs are presented for veterinary consultation. Even people at times!

The race is currently looking for more vets to join the team to help during the race, anyone interested should send a CV to the Adventurist (

Rachel Roman