Oldest True Breed of Horse

The Mongol army’s battle tactics depended on their sturdy, agile and durable horses. With their Mongol horses and compound bows, the Mongol armies conquered lands from China to Hungary, from northern India to Russia.

The Mongol armies revered their horses and took care of them. Every soldier had four to six horses, and he would switch from riding one to another during a day’s campaign, ensuring that no one horse was ridden to exhaustion. This greatly enhanced the Mongol army’s mobility: they could and did travel great distances, often covering 60 to 100 miles in a day. Because of this unheard of mobility, no other army could match them. The race is designed to emulate these tactics used by the Mongol armies.

The Mongolian horse breed is considered the “oldest true breed of horse” with a stocky build, relatively short but strong legs and a large head. They weigh about 600 lbs. and range in size from 12 to 14 hands (48 to 56 inches, 122 to 142 cm) high. Mongol horses are frugal, hardy, somewhat wily, and tread safely in rough terrain.

I will have the honor to ride at least 25 of these resilient and majestic steeds during the race.

Rachel Roman